Be Well Midlands is the first of its kind – an initiative for everyone working in health and care in the Midlands. The programme aims to improve our wellbeing provision, so we are able to continue providing exceptional care. We need to be well to care well. 

Be Well Midlands is collaborating across 11 integrated care systems and 81 NHS organisations as well as with our colleagues in health and social care and the voluntary sector. Through a variety of engagement pieces (both in person and virtually) and online conversations we managed to gain insight to:

  • How we are feeling now
  • What is impacting most on our wellbeing
  • What colleagues need to support their wellbeing

Our aim is to create a culture that prioritises wellbeing. We want to identify best practice and create new ways to make an impact where we need it most.

With our colleagues guiding us every step of the way, we found that there were five main areas of focus:

People Before Policy

Develop managers to lead with people first, using their compassion to apply policy based on individual circumstances.

Support Managers and Leaders

Leadership Development programme to be designed that focuses on how managers can develop a culture for others to thrive.

Permission to look after our own Health and Wellbeing

Create a regional workforce plan which incorporates an amalgamation of ICB workforce and operating plans to feedback to colleagues what action is being taken to increase capacity.

Increase Opportunities for Flexible Working

Undertake baseline of systems and status of collaborative banks and use assessment to support with gaps and progress in developing a collaboration across providers.

Health Inequalities

Existing health and wellbeing offers are to be re-marketed to support with attracting colleagues from under-represented staff groups (from need assessment e.g. neurodiversity, ethnic minority).

You can learn more about these five areas of focus in ‘Our priorities