loughborough pic AT 2.JPGAre you looking for an accreditation in leadership in health and care? We can help! Be Well Midlands is proud to fund the roll out of a course suitable for our managers and leaders.

This course is designed to empower you as individuals and also offer you peer support during and after your training.

For more information, please email llr.academy@nhs.net

We all want to work in a place where we feel we belong, and we can be our best selves. Join us to make this happen. 

The Active Bystander Programme provides an opportunity to change cultures through safe and constructive challenge, empowering people to be active bystanders and make positive changes. 

This programme aims to foster an inclusive, civil, and respectful culture for our patients, people who draw on our support, and staff as set out in our LLR System People Plan. 

Are you interested in this accreditation? For more information, please email llr.academy@nhs.net